Know More About False Accusations Of Child Abuse

When reading reports of sexual assault in newspapers and on television, it is natural to assume that they are true. However, the reality of the situation can often be different then what is reported especially in child custody and visitation matters.

Case Example

In 2012, there was a report in portwashingtonwi.patch about a twenty-five year old Milwaukee woman who faced charges for her false accusations. The woman had falsely accused a man, who hailed from Port Washington, of sexual assault. Defined as a criminal complaint, she told the police that she had gone to a parking lot to meet the man in order to exchange a child whom both of t

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hem shared custody. She claimed that on that occasion, the man had forced his hands into her pants, and proceeded to touch her genitals. She also claimed that the man did the same act several more times after the park incident.

The police moved forward with the arrest of the man, who retaliated by announcing that nothing of such consequence occurred on the first occasion, which was at the park; and that he and the woman had consensual sex on subsequent occasions. The complainant denied all of the man’s allegations, but there was a video surveillance from the parking lot that showed that the man was indeed telling the truth. When the video was presented to the woman, she confessed that they both had consensual sex.


False sexual assault allegations happen to be one of the most scandalous disputes with the highest frequency. A study was conducted in 2010, where all cases of sexual assault were reported to one of the major Northeastern universities. The study was held over a 10-year period and it was analyzed in order to establish the percentage of false allegations. Out of the one hundred and thirty-six cases reported, 5.9% (eight of them) were determined to be false allegations. When these results were compared with the results of former research, it was revealed that the frequency of false allegations had grown and was between 2% and 10%. This might seem like a small number, but if you happen to fall into this category, it can make a really big difference.

What You Should Do if You Are Falsely Accused

It can be devastating if you or anyone around you -family members, friends, co-workers, etc. – have been charged with a crime of sexual assault, which wasn’t committed. Unfortunately, false accusations are much more rampant than we think, especially in child custody and child visitation situations.

So what should you do if you find yourself in this kind of situation? Below are some recommendations:

• First, consider employing the services of a competent and well-experienced DYFS Defense lawyer.

• Realize that false accusations are important and they can affect you in a drastic way if you don’t diffuse them. Never make the assumption that simply because they are false, you don’t need to respond to them.

• Prepare for your defense. There might be need for expert witnesses; special psychological tests might be carried out, and there may be other evidence that needs to be collected.

• Write down your case details and what you believe occurred. Include as many details as you can remember. It doesn’t matter whether you believe they are important or not, make sure to write them down.

• Educate yourself. There are a lot of resources you can get useful information from, including the internet. Educate yourself on your rights, criminal offenses and the legal system.

• Put a list of possible witnesses together.

• Understand your rights. If the police question you, you are not mandated to say anything. You also have the right to competent legal representation according to the U.S. Constitution.